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2024 Hobby Resolutions

Today I discovered a blog post that I wrote years ago and had completely forgotten about, a list of 4 coding resolutions for 2013 (I was being a smart arse and wrote 100 in the title for a binary representation of 4). I don't think I ever went back to the post, but in short they were:

  1. Learn more ARM Assembly
  2. Contribute to Haiku
  3. Finish a Game
  4. Continue to Participate in the Community

To the best of my recollection (hey, it was 11 years ago!) I would have scored 25% on this, with #4 being the only thing I managed to do, and it's something I still do today but in a much smaller capacity. Some years later I wrote quite a lot of 68k assembly, but never really progressed on the ARM front. I didn't do much for Haiku other than comment on things and maybe get it building, and as for finishing a game that just didn't happen. Again, it did happen some years later, that game being written in 68k - two birds with one (late) stone!


Discovering this blog post again, and at such an apt time of year got me thinking, what should my resolutions be for this year? I don't typically set them, but having some that are hobby specific might (but probably won't) kick me into action to some extent, so here's a short list, that I'll endeavour to report on again next year, just so I can show myself how distracted I get and how I'm a perrenial starter, not a finisher, when it comes to hobby projects.

  1. Sort out the Atari STF that I bought and need to sell
  2. Finish the TIC-80 platformer I started, at least to the point of making it a worthwhile 'demo' of sorts
  3. If possible, get my old Honda CBR1000F back on the road
  4. If not possible, because it's in more of a state than I already know, get rid of it