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Using HDDriver For Atari TOS & Linux

If you're using an SD-Card with an Atari machine, you'll need a driver to make it work. There's ICD Pro which is old, but free, Pera Putnik's drivers which he sells quite cheap for the specific machine configuration that you request, and then there's Dr. Uwe Seimet's venerable HDDriver. This costs a fair bit more but it supports all Atari ST-line machines and just about any disk hardware. I purchased version 10 of HDDriver quite a few years ago and have been happy with it every since, but I laos purchased Pera Putnik's driver and have used that with great success too.

Making It Work

One thing that was working for me with Pera Putnik's driver and not HDDriver was being able to access the partitions on the SD Card from my PC when running GNU/Linux. Windows was fine, but under Pop_OS I could only mount one partition. Weirdly running fdisk -l /dev/sdc would list other partitions but I simply had no way of mounting them. I played around with different options when partitioning and didn't get anywhere, until finally I tried paritioning without Windows compatability enabled.

HDDriver settings for TOS/Windows Compatability, showing Windows Compatability turned OFF

Simply turning that off, leaving byte-swapping unchecked, and specifying compatability with TOS 1.04 (I'm still playing around with the STF that I bought) did the trick. All the partitions show on the Atari, and all four mount perfectly on my PC too.

I need to see if there's some suitable way to label the partitions, but for the sake of my own sanity, on each drive mounted on the Atari (F through I) I created a folder on the root of each with the corresponding drive letter as the name. It's not perfect but it'll do me for now.